Airs and Arabesques

Duration: 13'



for solo clarinet

First performance: 29 October 2015, Peter Cigleris (clarinet), St George's Brandon Hill, Bristol, UK

Click here for complete performance by Peter Cigleris on YouTube

Programme Note

I have long been intrigued by the challenges of writing for a solo instrument without accompaniment where all the musical interest has to rest within a single line. In these five short pieces for clarinet, I have tried to write simply and clearly, avoiding special effects or techniques, while also trying to provide as much variety and contrast as possible. The first piece is slow and rhapsodic, the second lively and rhythmic; the third is song-like while the fourth is more restless, employing constantly varying bar and phrase lengths. The final piece is a quasi-gigue which is based entirely on material already stated in the previous four.